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Double Hexagon Palette, Six Digit Hexadecimal Color Codes

Four Palettes on this Page

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About the Double Hexagon Palette

The Hex Code Palette uses an abbreviated hexadecimal number sequence, hex code, to create different hex triplet hues by combining Red "R", Green "G" and Blue "B" bytes: RRGGBB - Each color's hex code (hue) is displayed inside an html table cell.

Hexadecimal notation or base 16, uses the standard base 10 digits; 0 through 9, as well as using the letters A through F as "digits" too. It is possible to create over sixteen million color variations with hex, which is 256 cubed or 16,777,216.

There are 216 unique colors shown on the three double hexagon wheel palettes, adjacent cells have the next higher or lower sequential three-byte hex triplet. Some colors are repeated throughout the three palettes for aesthetics, some triplets are displayed just once.

These 216 hues were once known as web safe colors, each color is a combination three, two-digit hex numbers: 00, 33, 66, 99, CC and FF.

Hex Palette 1

You can highlight and copy any six digit hex color code.

To view your chosen color, on a computer; copy the following HTML code and paste it into Notepad, then save as: myFavColor.htm (not myFavColor.txt). Replace 123ABC with your six digit color code, then open myFavColor.htm with your browser.

<html><head><title>My Favorite Color</title></head><body bgcolor="123ABC"></body></html>

To edit myFavColor.htm, open it with Notepad and substitute just the six digits. You can also create your own colors; use the numbers 0 to 9 and letters A to F to experiment with unique hues.

Hex Palettes 2 & 3 follow, each with additional colors.

Hex Palette 2

Hex Palette 3