Download Ephemeris

Download Instructions*

Download and Save the zip file to your computer: Unzip it (extract all 3 files), then open viewStar.htm to play. You can also open ephStar.swf with older versions of Internet Explorer or Safari.

Another option is to download the standalone program; ephStarProgram.exe for Windows.

Online browser support for SWF Flash files has deprecated, but you can view the Graphic Ephemeris on a computer offline.

*You agree to use the free Ephemeris software "as is" without warranty expressed or implied and to hold the owner of harmless of any damages that may result from it's use. The software is safe to use.
If the program will not open, generally this is the result of user error or an operating system that does not support the software, such as Android or iOS.
Please scan the downloaded files, prior to use, with an anti-virus program. Do not share the download links, software program or post the files online. Linking to is encouraged, with a text link or an image link of the Ephemeris, but do not link the image to any other URL or to this page.
The Ephemeris is copyrighted, the download files are for your personal offline use only and are not authorized for resale, online display or marketing purposes. You may make one backup copy for yourself on external media. Do not to attempt to access or re-write the software's code.